Fumio Nasukawa

Artiste présenté par In)( Between Gallery

Place of Birth : Iwate prefecture, Japan , Nationality : Japanese, Place of Residence : Tokyo, Japannasukawa-1



 Graduated from Tokyo photography University

Worked at DOI TECHNICAL PHOTO (1978~2003)

“Photographers’ Laborotory”, Tokyo 2003 to present

Solo Exhibitions

 “Clear up days” DOI photo gallery in Yurakuchou, Tokyo, 2001

“Clear up days” Fuji photo salon in Roppongi, Tokyo, 2012


Group Exhibitionsnasukawasan-03

 “8×10” Motoazabu Gallery in Tokyo, 2011


“Nine Cameras” Gallery Train Dumonde in Tokyo, 2011

“Nine Cameras” 2011Gallery Train Du monde in Tokyo, 2012

“8×10” Motoazabu Gallery in Tokyo, 2012

in)(between record vol. 3.1, in)(between gallery, Paris France, 2013